Label Prices


Find the price for your label here.

To find the right label size simply measure the height of your label and select the section your label fits within. The measure the width of your label and select the label that fits closest to your size. 

Shape doesn't matter... regardless of whether your label is round, rectangle, triangle etc. Our machines die cut your label to your shape.

EXAMPLE: Let's say your label height is 55mm H and 75mm w. You would look in the '60mm X' section and go to the '60mm' label. The price for this label would be .17 each for a Paper label or .23 each for a Synthetic label.

Both Paper and Synthetic labels are finished with your choice of a clear synthetic Smooth Matt or Gloss laminate and then die cut to your desired shape.

What's the difference between Paper & Synthetic Labels?

Paper Labels: These are printed on a gloss paper stock and then laminated with a synthetic Gloss or Smooth Matt film. These are suitable for applications where the label won't be subject to water for a great deal of time. 

Suitable uses are: Food Jars, cosmetic labels (not Shampoo or products that remain in shower), coffee packs etc.

Paper labels are laminated and so they are resistant to water, but not for prolonged water use like Shampoo.

Synthetic Labels: These labels are suitable for most applications. Suitable for products like Shampoo, Conditioner & Body Wash products where the label will be subject to regular wetness. Also suitable for oil products like massage & essential oils where oil may spill over the bottle.


60mm X                
    Paper label            Synthetic Label    
60mm .17
80mm .22 .30
100mm .27 .36
120mm .32 .44
140mm .34 .46
160mm .41 .56
180mm .46 .63
200mm .51 .70

80mm X

40mm .15 .20
60mm .21 .28
80mm .26 .36
100mm .33 .44
120mm .39 .53
140mm .41 .56
160mm .50 .69
180mm .56 .77
200mm .62 .85

140mm X

40mm .24 .33
60mm .34 .46
80mm .43 .59
100mm .53 .73
120mm .64 .87
140mm .68 .92
160mm .83 1.13
180mm .92 1.26
200mm 1.02 1.39

180mm X

40mm .29 .40
60mm .41 .56
80mm .53 .72
100mm .65 .89
120mm .78 1.07
140mm .82 1.13
160mm 1.01 1.38
180mm 1.13 1.54
200mm 1.24 1.70